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Bogus HRP Web Site Warnings!



It is of great concern to us that we have noted many bogus, even fraudulent web sites and persons purporting to be representative of, or associated with, or acting in the name of this Principality, The Principality of Hutt River, it's Sovereign, HRH Prince Leonard or it's people.

Special caution should be observed with any site/persons requesting monies, payments or donations of any kind.
Refer back to this office before any payment/donation is made.

We take this opportunity to strongly advise people to check back with this, the official web site of The Principality of Hutt River and contact us via our e-mail address  with any questions that you may have concerning other websites or persons.

The following sites/persons have come to our particular attention.
These sites/persons are
without any authority whatsoever of this Principality..................

Grand Duchy of Avram/Duke Of Avram......Tasmania
Includes: heraldic.org/grandduchy.org/royalsee.org/royalbanker.org

Hutt River Car Rentals/Buenos Aires Car Rentals

Any website purporting to be representative of the PHR in Germany

HRP Foundation

The only website authorised or approved by the Government of the PHR is it's own website.
The ONLY website of the Principality:
www.principality-hutt-river.com   (& .org)

Once again, we urge you to pass all enquiries regarding the Principality through to our office here at
The Principality of Hutt River.



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