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(Click Thumbnails for Larger View!) Since Man first dug the earth and uncovered his first Crystal formation the belief that Crystals imparted some sort of power has been deeply embedded in beliefs, traditions and the spiritual experience of Mankind.

Early civilisations spiritual worship involved certain crystals being revered by the belief that crystals had individual powers that when gathered and harnessed could help Man in all sorts of ways, everything from assisting in love to saving or extending life.
There is a crystal for everything.

Still today, a huge range of people believe or at least like to believe that Crystals can and do play an important part in our everyday well-being and as such you will find that wherever you go there are lists available telling all what crystal is best for which purpose and what crystal represents what star-sign, birthstone or even the Chinese Year.
A lot of this information we have researched ourselves and have made the findings available to those who visit where you may read the information sheets that we have put together as well as study the wall charts and books of information also available to browse at the counter.

Many things are given as assisting a crystal in it's works, things such as the type of crystal, it's formation or form, where it came from etc etc and it is for this reason that much research went on into what we should do with regards obtaining the correct and best crystals that may do the best jobs for the benefit of Man.

After much research and discussion and with the expert aid and advice of a Crystal Specialist, Mrs Julia Zibert CIOM of Melbourne, Victoria, and Sanjay (expedition leader) and his team in India, Prince Leonard did cause an expedition to be raised into the Mountains of India and the Himalayas to gather Crystals as per his request and requirements.
It was felt best to obtain the Crystals from these regions due to the age of the civilisations there and the spiritual significance of the locations as well as the outstanding quality of both the Crystals and the workmanship of the craftsmen. Many of these Crystals were ordered to be cut, shaped and polished so that the end results covered all sorts of items from the natural clear crystal formations on rock (Power Generators) from the Himalayas to beautiful Spheres, healing/massage wands and of course our specially chosen "Pyramid Crystals", Crystals that have been carved into beautiful pyramid shapes as per the design of the Pyramid of Hutt and then polished to a beautiful glass like shine like few have seen.

These Crystals have been collected and worked for Prince Leonard and then shipped to the Principality where EVERY piece has been placed upon the "Healing Table" within the Pyramid of Hutt and thus 'ENERGISED' by the energy of the Pyramid.
You can see photo's on these pages of the 'ENERGISING' in progress with Prince Leonard for the first 2 shipments of Crystals.

These crystals are displayed in the Principality where they may be purchased and taken away with the full knowledge of the fact that the piece has been 'ENERGISED' in the Pyramid of Hutt and each and every piece is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity detailing the type of Crystal and the fact that it has been 'ENERGISED', signed by Prince Leonard himself as the Founder & Trustee of the PHR Royal College of Advanced Research.

Crystals include:
Aventurine, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Ruby in Zoisite, Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Jasper, Sunstone, Moonstone, Kyanite etc
In shapes such as:
Pyramids, natural formations (Himalayan Power Generators), Merkaba Stars, Pendulums, Spheres, Healing/Massage Wands, Double Enders, Pencil Points, geodes etc.

Most of the Crystals will only be available directly to visitors to the Principality due to the uniqueness and rarity of many of the pieces. The only way we can be sure of stock of many items is by having it in the cabinet! So remember to drop by the Principality where you can take a good look through the range of available Crystals. However, having said that, a number of Crystals will be made available shortly via the internet/mail order and these will mainly consist of the custom made Crystal Pyramids of specified types, certain Healing/Massage Wands and a few other pieces for which we can be sure of reliable stock. Watch the nearby space for a new order form from the Royal College of Advanced Research which will include the list and prices of the Crystals that will be available via this web-site.


As this Pyramid and the Crystals are part of an ongoing research effort by the Royal College of Advanced Research we would be only to happy to hear of your stories/experience in these areas and you may like to impart of that knowledge during a visit or indeed write to us at:

Royal College of Advanced Research
Principality of Hutt River
Via Western Australia 6535

or by e-mail to:
Royal College of Advanced Research

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