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            PUBLIC ADVICE!            

Matters of some concern have been raised that are being looked into by Officers of the Principality of Hutt River (PHR) Diplomatic Security Force. Particular areas of interest being various "Cyber Banks" supposedly registered by the PHR and claims of various schemes, etc., purportedly being promoted or supported by the Principality and/or its Government. These matters are being taken very seriously and our preliminary investigations have led us to find that there may be grounds for potential criminal charges and resultant prosecution by many law enforcement agencies and regulatory authorities should any of these claims be found to have further substance. To this end we are at present in close contact with many of our counterparts in various other jurisdictions.

              It is the recommendation and request of this Office that everyone pay due diligence to what they do with their money and take great care as to where and how it is handed to others. Contact the Principality Offices direct on to confirm any claims being made before you conduct any business, in any form, that reports to involve the Principality or its Government.

            It again needs to be said, as the Government itself has publicly declared on several occasions, that the Principality of Hutt River is not involved in any investment schemes or project developments and any claim to the contrary must be treated with extreme caution and confirmed with the Principality Offices direct via the Principality website found at

            It should also be noted, that should a company or business be registered in any Jurisdiction, then it is a basic matter of freedom that the Government or Authorities in that jurisdiction has no place nor interest in the activities of that company or business. Rather, it may choose to refer any registered entity to the relevant authorities for civil law and make the decision to de-register an entity or prosecute it to the fullest extent of the law should it be found to be operating in contradiction of any Government Acts under which it has been registered.

            In the meantime anyone who has been approached with any matters concerning investment in any bank or scheme, or development of any lands or properties, that are or were purportedly sanctioned and/or supported or recommended in any way by the Principality of Hutt River should immediately inform this office so that the information can be logged and investigated. We may, in return, be able to assist you with advice as to your best legal avenue to approach from which to obtain support etc.

In HRH Service

Dr. Nathan M. Jones C.I.O.M.
Inspector General I-3 Unit
23rd July 2008







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