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    H.R.H. Prince Leonard    
    Sovereign of the Principality of Hutt River and all its Territories.
Protector of the Legends of the Nunda People,
Commander in Chief Royal Hutt River Defence Forces,
Knight Commander & Royal Protector of
The Most Noble and Most Worthy Sovereign Order of The Crusaders Cross of Jerusalem,
Grand Officier du Noble Ordre de Chevalrie et Religieux de la Couronne d'Epines.
Grand Collar de l'ordre Souverain  Militaire Teutonic et de l'ordre Chevalresque de la Sainte-Croix de Jerusalem.

Cabildo de Cavalleros Cubicularios De San Ildefonso.
Grand Collar of the Ordem General Abreu e Lima.

 Kentucky Colonel,
Founder & Trustee of the Royal College of Advanced Research.
Patron & Honorary Commissioner in Chief of the Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command, Canada.
Patron of the "Royal Enfield Club of Australia Inc."
      December 2016      


(Last update December 24 2016)



21st December 2016

Greetings to you all!

Once again Christmas is about upon us and another year draws to a close.

We take this opportunity to once again send our greetings and our thanks to all of the PHR Representatives and Officers around the globe who do us a great service in supporting both Myself and the Principality of Hutt River.
I also send my greetings and gratitude to our very many non-resident Subjects and many, many friends and supporters located in just about every country on Earth.
The support you all provide towards myself and the PHR in general, is support that is most appreciated though it may not often be spoken about. You all provide us with a little respite on our ever upward journey and enable us to advance and achieve far greater things than would be possible without the support.

One of the great problems we experience almost daily, is educating those people who have little or even "no" understanding of the PHR and how it came to be, yet they like to  voice their opinions that are just so incorrect.

It has pleased us here in Nain to see that many people have started to seek out the facts about us by visiting libraries, purchasing books that discuss the PHR and in particular its legal standing etc. The more who know the truth the less likely misinformation will be spread about.

Our New Year resolution in 2017 is to expand something that we have been pushing out to the public more and more over recent years and that is to advance the amount of information made available to the public and the availability of our people to answer questions. In general to educate the public with true facts so that more and more people are aware of the PHR and the real reasons for its existence.

2016 has been an interesting and productive year, a year that has seen the Principality continue to grow and advance itself on the international stage.
2017 will bring us some new challengers and we will be starting the New Year with our boots on and running as we take on a major battle that we must win, this will be a year when all of your support will be appreciated just that touch more than it normally is, so please help promote our existence to all that you meet and in all that you do, so that we may grow in strength, as it is strength that will enable us to come to the victory that we seek.

Before this approaching holiday season passes us by, I, along with all of us here in the Principality, take this opportunity to wish all of our Representatives, our loyal Subjects and our many, many friends around the world a very Merry Christmas and a Safe, Prosperous and Joyous New Year.

We look forward to your continued support throughout 2017.

Best Regards to all.

   HRH Prince Leonard

Principality of Hutt River




(Last update December 24 2016)




      April 2016      

16th April 2016

Greetings to you all!

In a few days time (April 21) we celebrate our 46th anniversary of secession and this year we are holding a celebration over the weekend of April 23 & 24 (click here) and we invite everyone to attend and help us celebrate. There will be many things happening over the 2 days and I hope to see many visitors here helping us to celebrate this new milestone in our history and be part of the dissemination of new findings achieved here in the PHR.


This Principality, with its few resident citizens, has withstood the power of one of the world’s powerful countries.


The secession was an issue of principle and justice.

International pressure was used extensively by the Australian Government against the Principality and its people.

Also, GST was later introduced by the Australian Government, which basically effected an “Embargo” upon the Principality and its people.  This was done by ignoring the fact that there is no provision in the Australian Constitution giving a power to the government of Australia to have the power of an ABN (Australian Business Number).  Also the GST is Ultra Viries. 
The Australian constitution requires all “revenue and funds’ to be paid into one consolidated fund.  It is not paid into the one consolidated fund. 
Also a tax imposing a tax shall deal with one subject only; the GST consists of many subjects which are taxes.  As an act which is Ultra Viries (no law at all) it is a principle that such an act requires “no obedience”


One internal memo of the Australian Government stated “let us make a law whereby what he has done is illegal” reference being to the action done by myself in seceding the Casley family’s property Estate from Australia.


The titles for the Estates were the Estate properties of “The Real Man”, that is, the titles were all in lowercase.


The Australian Government agreed to effect a situation whereby there was in future no Estate Titles to be held by the “Real Man”.  As Estate Titles were brought into the States lands departments, the title would be held, never to be returned, and never a copy to be permitted.  Issuing in Law a ‘certificate of Title”, which was issued not to the Real Man, but the STRAW MAN (a fictitious person previously created when a person’s birth is registered with the respective government; which unbeknown to the mother, she and the child have entered into a contract with the government, and also thereby given her child to the Government, which of course under common law would be a nullity.  However, from that time the Government then uses that person, as a STRAW MAN, to raise funds in the Real Man’s estate for Government purposes.

The Secession was effected in April 1970.


  Easter often falls in April and is known as a time of celebration by many of the peoples of the world.

  Easter Celebrations are today to Christians in honour of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The word “Celebration” to my mind actually has a great depth of meaning and I would like to try and pass on this meaning to others.

Words are of alphabets, which are derived from sounds, which are intended to describe something. 
Mathematics are more precise, and it is held that everything is describable mathematically. 






“Celebration” = 104Mv     (104Mv ÷ 91Sv = 1.142857…)

142857 is the Spirit code for Nature’s Constant of NC28

(1÷ NC28 = 0.0357142857…)

(1÷ NC28 = 0.0357142857… x 4 = 0.142857 [rounded up])


“Celebration of Forty Six years of Independence” = 448Mv

(448Mv ÷ 91Sv = 4.923076923…)


“Sacred” = 50Mv     (50Mv ÷ 91Sv = 0.54945…)



“The Real Man”


In judicial and politics policy there is a “Real Man” and a “STRAW MAN”.  The STRAW MAN is a Political Fiction Man.


Real Man” = 64Mv     (64Mv ÷ 91Sv = 0.70329670…)

(“Energy Force” = 329670SC)

197802 – 164835 = 32967


The STRAW MAN and the Real Man are a great political secret, not divulged to the public.

The Real Man was the owner of “Real estate”.

The Estate Titles for the “Real Estate” of a “Real Man” are in lowercase.

All Titles of Estate are now all in capital letters and thereby belong to the “STRAW MAN” whom the Government controls 100%.


This is of course a “Political Swindle”.

 “Political Swindle” = 183Mv     (183Mv ÷ 91Sv = 2.010989…)

“The Greatest Political Swindle” = 311Mv     (311Mv ÷ 91Sv = 3.4175824…)

“The Greatest Ever Political Swindle” = 361Mv     (361Mv ÷ 91Sv = 3.9670329670…)


No doubt the Government is acting in the capacity of a “Deity”

The Supreme Force


This we have seen and know!


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