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HRH Prince Leonard
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In considering matters relating to a Treaty between The Principality of Hutt River
and the Commonwealth of Australia:

There has arisen a number of factors which need to be resolved and rectified.

  Who has lawful Legal Authority, on behalf of the Sovereign of the Commonwealth of Australia, to effect a Treaty
with the Principality of Hutt River which will be legally binding?

 Whilst it may be considered that the Prime Minister of Australia, the Rt. Honourable John Howard and the Governor General of Australia, His Excellency Michael Jeffery AC CVO MC, could effect a legally binding Treaty if this was to eventuate, I believe that such a Treaty could, under today’s legal status of these persons, be challenged as being invalid.

This of course is of major concern to myself and the Citizens of The Principality of Hutt River.


 2. The details in relation to such conclusion has in fact vast effect and is of grave concern
to all the people of Australia.

This situation arises from what I consider to be “THE GREATEST INSULT” to have ever been effected by any Government upon its own citizens.

Therefore I am obliged to raise all the related issues which may be warranted to be dealt with and to acquaint the public whom such matters are related thereto.


Who has lawful Legal Authority, on behalf of the Sovereign of the Commonwealth of Australia, to effect a Treaty with the Principality of Hutt River which will be legally binding?

  • Great Britain promulgated the “British Nationality Act 1948 effective from 1st January 1949 which removed Citizenship from all people of the British Colonies, including Australia, making them a “British Subject or Citizen of the Commonwealth, without Citizenship”.

  • The Australian Parliament then passed the “Australian Citizenship” Act 1948 which stipulated that all persons born in Australia after and including the 26th January 1949 had then “Australian Citizenship”.

  • This resulted in the Legal fact that some 8 million persons of Australia were without “Citizenship”, being those born in Australia before 26th January 1949.

  • Then in 1973 the Australian Parliament amended the Australian Citizenship Act and removed all reference to “Britishness”.

  • All these people who were born before 26th January 1949, in Australia, then legally became “Aliens” (Stateless persons).

  • It is believed that Australians have never ever elected a “Prime Minister” who held Australian Citizenship.

  • It is believed that the present Prime Minister and Governor General of Australia are “Aliens” (Stateless) , having been born before 26th January 1949, and presumably have never been “Naturalized”.

  • Hence no treaty signed by an “Alien” (Stateless person) could be legally held to be binding on the People of Australia.

  It is worthy to consider that all those who went to the war for Australia and on their return to Australia were generally cheered as conquering heroes - some of them died, some have since died and others are still alive - along with all others of their generation who contributed to the development of Australia they have all been held in a “POLITICALLY fools PARADISE.

  They were all rewarded by the removal of their Citizenship.


 I do feel very strongly about this, I personally know some of the many who fought for their country, Australia..
  I was there with them!

Therefore I mark this fact with the issue of a coin of the Principality of Hutt River.

The LWF Coin    -    “LEST WE FORGET”

"The greatest insult to be perpetuated by a Government upon its people!"


The details in relation to such conclusion has in fact vast effect and  is of grave concern
to all the people of Australia also.

  • The Auditor General and the Treasury Departments should consider the factor of the legality of pensions paid or payable to retired ministers of Australia who were in fact an “Alien” (Stateless).

  • The great Anzac Parades held all over Australia annually by those great people who proudly fought for their country, and were rewarded by removal of their Citizenship and then became an “Alien” (Stateless), is the greatest insult one could ever give them.

  • All treaties, agreements, commitments effected by an “Alien” (Stateless person) on behalf of Australians may be held to be without legal validity.

  • A person who has been granted an Australian Passport, who was born before 26th January 1949, and has not been Naturalized, is without Citizenship.

 To rectify this current position then it must first be considered that all legislation passed and/or Proclaimed by an “Alien” may not be held to be legally lawful upon the people of Australia, no “Alien”  may lawfully pass or ratify any legislation for Australia.

  • No alien may legally represent Australia in the Commonwealth of Nations, or any other organizations on behalf of Australia.

  • The Electoral Rolls of Australia have for years listed a great number of Aliens as qualified Electors. No Alien can legally vote in an Australian election. Any elections held with such vast numbers of aliens casting a vote has no lawful validity.

  • The social contract between an Elector and a Parliamentarian is non-existent when such an insult is effected by the Parliamentarians upon the people whose interests they were elected to look after, by their being made an alien by Parliament and Sovereign.


The gravity of that which has come to be as a result of these acts of Parliament, without any genuine consideration for the people affected, shows utter contempt of the people and also of the Constitution.

Assuredly an apology is warranted to be given to all those who were made to be “Aliens” (Stateless).
This apology should be made by the Sovereign. 

We would be willing to meet with whoever has lawful authority to assist to resolve all matters whereby
a lawful treaty might be effected.

 HRH Prince Leonard
Principality of Hutt River
August 2007

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