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10th Anniversary Awards Night




Royal Hutt River Dedication Cricket Club is the national cricket team of the Principality of Hutt River.
 The team plays annually in the Willowfest Australian Cricket Club Championships
 held in Mildura, Victoria, Australia in December each year.

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Royal Hutt River Dedication Cricket Club

"B" Grade WINNERS!

2014 Willowfest

Hutt River Dedication held their 10-year anniversary awards dinner tonight,(Dec 28) to celebrate all the brilliant (and not so brilliant) feats the team has achieved in their decade together.

Prince Leonard's XI (Team of the Decade)

1. Jarryd Mills (wk)
2. Haydn Falconer
3. Phil Barker
4. Joel McMahon
5. Jakob Sluiter
6. Brendan McCarthy
7. Tyler Hankinson (wc)
8. Adam Burke
9. Joel Thomas
10. Chris Shaw
11. Geoff Pascoe (c)
Coach: Ian McMahon

Individual Awards:

Best Batting Performance
Joel McMahon 91 vs Kangarilla

Best Bowling Performance
Brendan McCarthy 5/13 vs Johnnie Walker XI

Worst Batting Performance
Kyle Moore for scoring a duck, golden duck and diamond duck in successive innings

Worst Bowling Performance
Joel McMahon, Tyler Hankinson, Geoff Pascoe, Chris Hope and Jarryd Mills for failing to hit the stumps once in a bowl-off

Worst Fielding Performance
Troy Nicholson whenever Jakob Sluiter was bowling

The Biggest Arse (Most career horse's arse points)
Jarryd Mills

Most Horse's Arse points in a single season
Troy Nicholson (2008)

Best Fight
Jakob Sluiter vs Phil Barker


(PHOTOS [to come] BELOW!)



2014 10th Anniversary Awards Night
MLA for Mildura Peter Crisp
presenting the Sovereign's MDP award to Haydn Falconer
  The team with the almost illusive winners prize! 


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