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Investiture visit by
Dame Julia Galvin
(Photos below)


The weekend of the 25th January saw Dame Julia bought out to Geraldton, Western Australia to establish a wife carrying competition for the City of Geraldton as part of their Australia Day Celebrations. It is planned for the competition to be held each Australia Day holiday in Geraldton and following the success of this inaugural running of the competition, presided over by PHR's Dame Julia, it look like the event is well and truly up and running.

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The Wife Carrying Competition on January 25th was held on the Geraldton foreshore and saw 19 couples run in the event with a number of prizes up for grabs. A large crowd watched the event, a crowd that had begun to gather more than an hour before the event was even due to start, the crowd had a great time watching and from comments heard throughout many people became interested in competing having seen that first time event run. Next year should see a greater number of competitors and probably the need for face-offs and finals to decide the winner.

This webmaster and his full family was there to watch and all had a great time, it was good to see and hear Dame Julia in action as she directed the event and her glorious sense of humour was appreciated by all and bought in that extra bit of life to the day.

Well done Dame Julia!

Whilst Dame Julia was here she of course had to come and call into the Principality and visit with HRH Prince Leonard and Princess Shirley and of course to finally allow the webmaster to meet her after a few years of corresponding via the keyboard. January 28 saw Dame Julia and Sue Chiera attend the Principality. Whilst here Dame Julia was received in the Chapel of Nain where under direction of Crown Prince Ian, HRH Prince Leonard invested Dame Julia with her Rank of Dame of the Serene Order of Leonard that she had bestowed upon her in the August Birthday Honours list in 2010. Dame Julia knelt before HRH as the sword was applied to both shoulders.
Following the small ceremony, attended by the Sovereign couple, Crown Prince Ian and his wife
Duchess Annette the Grand Duchess of Hutt , Sue Chiera the Public Relations Officer for the City of Geraldton, myself Sir Steve and wife Dame Commander Christina, a small afternoon tea was held in the RHRGC Club. The afternoon tea was followed by a tour around PHR once again for Dame Julia and Sue Chiera, updating them as to the latest news etc and showing them through the new sections that have recently been completed such as the extensions to the Tea Rooms and the newly constructed Visitor Information Bay etc.





Dame Julia steps forward to kneel on one knee before HRH Prince Leonard


Dame Julia is dubbed with the sword and presented with her Honour by the Sovereign couple.


A seated for the afternoon tea which was much appreciated given the 40C+ temperature of the day!


Dame Julia receives the stamps in her passport showing she had passed through PHR on that day, January 28th.


Completed the formalities! Checking out the Knight and information to be found in the new Visitor Information Bay Time to leave.

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