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PHR - Stone Throwing!
(Not to be confused with stone skimming!)

World Champion Joins the Elite of the
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HRH Prince Leonard is proud to announce that the Principality
is represented in the sport of Stone Throwing by:

Dame Julia Galvin DCSOL

Picture courtesy Grady Winfield

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Check out Julia's latest exploits in each of the sports shown on the left and
 notice of her current or upcoming exploits will be shown immediately below to enable all to follow.

Here we have:


Dame Julia once again will represent the PHR in the 'high energy' sport of "Stone Throwing".

 Corofin hosts the 15th world series at Campbellís Yard. Both menís and ladiesí titles to be won.
The competition will take place in Campbellís Yard, Main Street on the Sunday of the may bank holiday weekend May 04 2014.
The participants are challenged to break glasses placed on spikes. There is both a male and female trophy
and the competition is fierce.

Join with us here in Nain wishing Dame Julia all the best as she represents the PHR in yet another action sport, aiming to:

Bring home Gold for the Principality of Hutt River
Promoting good sportsmanship everywhere!

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The official website may be visited here:..
Festival of Finn in Corofin, Co.Clare. Ireland





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