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Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys, Mid Wales, UK

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Following the announcement of the 2012 Olympic games being held in London, the Welsh, not to be beaten by their adjacent neighbours and with the Olympics seemingly such a mundane range of the same sports every time, decided that the time was right to form a World Games Championship thus the birth of the inaugural :
World Alternative Games

Run over a fortnight and with more than 35 various games, many high speed thrills and tense times are to be had with the dangers of sports such as close combat "Finger Jousting", "World Conker Championships" and "Russian Egg Roulette". The high speed action and thrills of "Backward Running", the "Penny Farthing Race" and "Wheelbarrow racing".
If it is feats of ultimate strength is your thing then there is the "Bale Tossing", "Woolsack Carrying" and of course everyone's favorite "Wife Carrying" and a bunch more sports in which to compete.

The Inaugural Games were called to be on from August 17 - September 02 2012

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