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Principality Leading Sports Competitor
Dame Julia Galvin
Amongst the Elite of the Sporting World for the:


World Alternative Games Championships!
Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys, Mid Wales, UK

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Run over a fortnight from August 17 - September 02 2012 and with more than 35 various thrilling and often death defying games, the inaugural
World Alternative Games
is the place to be for our dare-devil sporting champion Dame Julia!

Dame Julia excelled herself in this, the first such games to be held, given the Olympics were also on in London our Dame Julia decided that she was also going to "Go For Gold" for the Principality and she hurled herself (and dragged screaming many others with her) into as many games as possible thus giving her the most opportunities possible to win that gold and win she did!

Not only did Julia win that gold but she also won silver and four bronzes!

A PHR and Dame Julia record (let alone personal best)!

Here is the Tally of wins for Dame Julia and the PHR:


Wife Carrying: 1 x Gold (heaviest lift)  and 1 x Bronze
Reports Dame Julia: Welsh strongman Jamie Leigh Redwood Wales carried me 253.5 m over rough terrain, bog and a river as well as 2m high obstacles. We won gold! (for being the strongest) and Bronze for the 2mins 9 sec time.

Heaviest Carry! GOLD!

Finger Jousting: 1 x Bronze
Reports Dame Julia: PHR beat the French but could do nothing against the Brits and Dutch!

(Note the COMPULSORY eye protection)

Egg Tossing: 1 x Bronze - - 14 metre throw/catch!
Reports Dame Julia: I was the catcher, Pio Cardoza threw the egg at me .
First 5m then further and further away until the egg fall and breaks.
For the honour of Hutt! I am eggstatic!  Bronze medal

Bog Snorkelling:
x 2 Medals
Crepe Tossing:
Reports Dame Julia: What chance had I against 27 French Housewives?
Total Medal Haul -- 6 Medals!

Doing Hutt Proud!
Roll on 2014!



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