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2012 Season Wrap Up

The RHR Silvertails once again had a full year completing the 3 and 5 Dams Events, a full round of BWA’s Cyclo Sportif events and generally representing the Principality around the streets of Perth
(if you are up at 6am that is !).

The season started in February with cross training in the Busselton Jetty Swim and the Rottnest Channel Swim by the Silvertails water borne cousins the RHR Silverfish.
The Silverfish represented by Marshall Allen, Andrew Johnston, Marshall Flower and Georgina Kovacs managed a credible 3
rd placing in the >150 Mixed category and 45th overall – in the first crossing for all swimmers.

Back on the road, the RHR Silvertails kicked off their Cyclo Sportif season at the Margaret River Community Challenge. Even with an underpowered team of only 4, Captain Graeme "The Cougar" Wright pulled the boys through with a credible 7th placed finish in the longer 110km "A" Distance.

The highlight of the Silvertails cycling year – the 3 and 5 Dams Challenge took place on 15th April and 3 Dams masters Graeme Wright, Wayne Manners, Tim Keevil, David Lock and Martin Pratt put in a very credible performance at 3 Hrs 25mins for the 110km averaging 32.14kmph and placing 7th overall for the 3 Dams. Simon Carroll, Andrew McMillan, Mark Leaker and Mike Smith were also mentioned in dispatches but as can be seen below, they were otherwise distracted !

5 Dams lunatics Hank, Richard and Muddi negotiated the 238km (!!) extended course in 8:53 (Hank) and 8.56 (the rest). Who cares about the place - that’s a long time to simply be sitting on a bike as Hank reports:

"That was a long way (238km), ascending 2504m and descending 2503 (unreliable these Garmin GPS's), emptying 15 water bottles to flush away 9 gells, in temperatures between 12 to 320C.
Found myself "lost" at the tail of a group with all shaven legs on the Albany highway (on the way to Serpentine dam) going 40-45km/hr, yep that was the red light with still 100km to go."

Through May we followed part-time RHR Silvertail Brian Thompson’s Silk Route adventure culminating in his helicopter evacuation from Taijikistan !! In the end all was well – his bike survived the civil war and made it home.

Cyclo-Sportif events at Kalamunda, Swan Valley, Waroona and Toodyay rounded out the
competitive year for the RHR Silvertails.

Other notable mentions include the inaugural Rice and Tomato Sauce run to Rockingham (why we have all asked), reports back from the Artemis America’s Cup San Francisco where Andy Fethers has been sporting the RHR Silvertails jersey in style (with Speedos ??) and various tours by notable Silvertails to Europe and Singapore.

Although the riding season never ends and Silvertails are seen on the streets of Perth all year round, the challenge season kicks off once again with the 3 and 5 Dams Challenge on 14th April 2013. The aquatic arm of the RHR Silverfish however will once again hit the water in the Busselton Jetty Swim and the Rottnest Channel Swims in February.

Ride hard !!!




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