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2012 Busselton Jetty swim

First event is a two man team swim in the Busselton Jetty swim February 4th & 5th 2012, a swim of some 3.6kms around the Busselton jetty.
Competing in this event for the RHR Silverfish will be Georgina Kovacs in the solo category and Marshall Allen and Andrew Johnston in the Team Duo category.



1st outing of the RHR Silverfish today at the Busselton Jetty Swim. 

Georgina swam solo and unfortunately let the side down with only 3rd in her category (30-35 Female), 5th female overall and 23rd overall in a time of 50:48 !!! 

Luckily Johno and I were there to hold up the bargain. Swimming in the Duo teams category we managed a creditable 18th in category (out of 108 teams) and about a billionth overall in 1:06. We were 4 mins out of the top ten which isn’t too bad given it was my 1st ocean swim in 25 years (yes I may have previously omitted the fact that I last swam in 1987 !!).  

Perfect water conditions although the start required a few elbows to be thrown particularly to the guy that tried to take a ride on my back. No stingers and importantly no sharks. Georgina reported that seals were sighted at the head of the pack but there were long since frightened off by the time we came through.  Johno took a “racing line” on the way back (read as wide into and out of the corner) which must have been the move that kept us off the podium. Given we were both a blind as bats without our glasses on we were just lucky to see the jetty at all !! 

The Royal team was even announced over the PA at the finish as Johno “sprinted” over the finish line. 

Congratulations to Georgina on an outstanding swim. Obviously Johno and I could have easily beat her if we were 15 years younger, 15 kg lighter (and just generally a lot faster).

 Rotto here we come…..


Congratulations to the Royal Hutt River Silverfish on a great result on their first outing
 from all of us here at the Principality.



2012 HBF Rottnest Channel Swim

The next event for the RHR Silvertails is for a four member distance swim team entered in Western Australia's longest open water swim race, the 2012 HBF Rottnest Channel Swim held on Saturday 25th February 2012.
This race
departs from Cottesloe Beach on the mainland
and finishes at Thomson Bay, Rottnest Island - a distance of 19.7kms.



  PHOTO's 2012 HBF Rottnest Channel Swim

(Click thumbnails for larger view)
  BELOW: RHR Silverfish Support Boat launches from the Fremantle Sailing Club for the first time
sometime shortly after 5.30am WST. Team looks raring to go!


  ABOVE: Left to right:
Shane "Muss" Richards (relief paddler), Tom Ziebell (Paddler), Marshall Allen, Georgina Kovacs, Andrew Johnston, Marshall Flower
Shot taken by skipper Paul Burke.


ABOVE: Left to right:
Marshall Allen, Paul Burke (Skipper), Andrew Johnston (Captain), Georgina Kovacs &
Shane "Muss" Richards.


  BELOW: RHR Silverfish 7.00am Start in wave six of the 2012 Rotto swim.
RHR Silverfish are out there and amongst them!
First swimmer in for RHR Silverfish was
Marshall Allen.




BELOW: RHR Silverfish Support Boat and paddler keep pace with team swimmers providing support.

(Ready to shout SHARK! as and when required)



Georgina Kovacs prepares to enter the water.


Georgina Kovacs in the water with paddler
Tom Ziebell close by.

Georgina Kovacs recovered and in the support boat.
(Click thumbnails for larger view)
Photos courtesy RHR Silverfish


RESULTS of the Team Event 2012 Rottnest Channel Swim.
An OUTSTANDING performance by the RHR Silverfish saw them achieve a dais position coming in 3rd place in their category and a fantastic achievement at 45th position overall against 401 very competitive teams.

Certainly bought home Gold for PHR today!





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