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Marshall Flower

We all, well some of us, remember the chants of “Flower Power” from the rafters of Beatty Park when Marsh Flower took his school team to victory (well that’s the way we remember it) in the 80’s. Marshall reignited his passion for the pool in 2010 and confirmed that he still had his natural porpoise like ability to move quickly through the water. Despite his practical jokes such as stealing your breakfast or adding extra sugar to your coffee, “Marshy” is a team player. It’s because of his combined qualities and his ability to swim 30% of the distance that Marshall was quickly signed to join the Royal Hutt River Silverfish.     

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Marshall Allen

A thinking man’s swimmer and also natural phenomenon in the water, Marshall was, again in the 80’s, a powerhouse to be reckoned with in a 50m pool. While not having the most positive attitude towards training and competing and with a natural ability to tell you so, even while under water, he does put in 100% when the time comes. Recently rediscovering his local pool and his passion to race the clock Marshall has also embraced the Challenge of swimming  30% of the total distance. Marshall has extra responsibility being the creative force behind the image and promotion of the Royal Hutt River Silverfish. Marshall has diplomatic responsibilities and handles our relationship with the Principality's representatives.

Georgina Kovacs

By far the most interesting and capable member of the team, Georgina hails from Hungary and has been a swimming talent from the age of four. Georgina was a member of the National Hungarian team and then participated in the trials for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Georgina missed out on Olympic selection and so went on to play water polo at a highly competitive level and completed a Law degree. With a wealth of intellectual and swimming talent Georgina was welcomed to Australia in 2010 to play for the UWA Torpedoes. Georgina is now an Australian resident and an assistant coach at WAIS for the Torpedoes. The Royal Hutt River Silverfish identified Georgina’s talents immediately and with much desperation and secrecy set about selling their brand and their ability to Georgina. Once under the influence of halve truths and confusion she was quickly signed to the team and agreed to swim 30% of the distance.

Andrew Johnston

Raised on a farm where the only water available was carefully guarded by livestock Andrews competitive swimming skills were never fully developed. Dumped at boarding school in the 80’s Andrew trained with the school team where his ability to thrash and sink had him quickly drafted into the “crowbar” division. Disappointed with his rejection he pursued other sports and spent more time swimming from sinking rowing 8's !. It wasn’t until 2010 that he decided he might enter the Rottnest Swim but knew he needed the cover of skilled swimmers to get him there. Andrew carefully manipulated his friends to put together a fine team now known as the Royal Hutt River Silverfish. Andrew's efforts have tired him somewhat and he will contribute the final 10% required.


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