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Busselton Jetty swim

February 09th & 10th 2013 


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 Marshall Allen (Captain) James Allen (14 yo) Holly Allen (11 yo)

Hilary Forrest (13 yo)


The Royal Hutt River Silverfish Swim Team came 12th in the 4 person relay team event,
where a total of 60 teams competed.
The Principality of Hutt River team created a great deal of interest at the event and the PHR received a big wrap over the PA as young James Allen was finishing – the wrap explained who the team members were and that they were the the national swim team of the PHR etc.

A special mention should also go to Georgina Kovaks, one of the RHR Silverfish’s Rottnest team members from 2012, who finished 3rd solo female and 16th overall (out of 972).



The day was hot and windy and unfortunately for the 2nd and 3rd swimmers (the youngest at 11 and 13yo!), pretty choppy around the end of the jetty.

 Marshall Allen, the "old man" in the team started the swim to so that the kids
could avoid the usual starting rough and tumble. It was an uneventful 1st leg other than the waves started picking up and a few small stingers.
Handing over to Hilary in the front of the Teams wave, she ably headed off towards the end of the jetty as the wind and waves started to pick up. Turning the corner she noted that kicks were flying a bit as everyone came together and wound around the turning marks – ably handled by a 13 year and 1st time ocean swimmer !

 Hilary handed over to the youngest team member, 11 year old Holly who then had to contend with the roughest part of the day. At times Holly resembled a cork bobbing around in the waves but despite being blown off course she battled her way back into the waves to successfully hand over the the last team swimmer, 15 year old James who headed off at a rate of knots – his speed and agility in the ocean at odds with the fact that he had only just swum his first ocean race the week before (we may see more from this one in the future).

 Despite a fight with a large pack of stingers, James managed to beat the support crew back down the jetty who completely missed his finish and had to be satisfied with hearing the Hutt River Team mention over the PA instead.

 For an extremely young team (11, 13, 15 – and 46 !) the team managed a very creditable 12th in the 4 person relay (out of 60 teams) and 54th overall
out of a total of 178 teams.

 Once again, congratulations are well due the RHR Silverfish Swim Team for an outstanding effort in yet another competition, even greater congratulations given the average age of the team and it's very limited competition experience.

Wait till next year!

Now on to the BIG ONE!
2013 HBF Rottnest Channel Swim Feb 23rd!

Well done team, another great result!

Bringing home Gold for the Principality of Hutt River
Promoting good sportsmanship everywhere!

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2013 Busselton Jetty Swim Team!
L - R
Marshall Allen, Holly Allen, James Allen, Hilary Forrest
The Start Marshall at Start - white shirt Marshall at head of the teams start Marshall leading out teams on
1st leg
Hilary starts the 2nd leg Hilary on the 2nd leg Hilary changes over with Holly Holly off course on the 3rd leg
James awaits the start of the 4th leg James and Holly change over for the 4th leg James takes off on the last leg James swimming strongly on the last leg

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