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Advice regarding applying to become a
Subject of the PHR

Important notice re:

New/Renewal Applications for PHR Passports, Non-Resident Subject Applications and all Govt licencing including photo ID cards will not be accepted until further notice.

By Order:
 HRH Prince Graeme
Minister for Foreign Affairs
Dec 27
th 2019



The only entry/exit method to/from the PHR at this time is via the Commonwealth of Australia.
Due to a lack of an agreement with the Commonwealth of Australia, citizens of the Principality, who are not Australian residents & all overseas tourists have to obtain an Australian visa in order to gain entry to Australia prior to visiting PHR.
If a visa is granted by Australian Authorities for individuals to enter Australia then PHR is happy to utilise Australian Immigration and Customs departments acceptance by way of recommendation and will issue visitor visas to all who wish to visit the Principality.

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The Principality of Hutt River (PHR) is not accepting further immigration to the nation at this time due to the fact that an expansion of the basic infrastructure has to be completed before the country can look toward accommodating a larger population and taking the next steps in it's growth and advancement.

Whilst a program is in place to expand the infrastructure and much work has already been done to effect the expansion, there is still a great deal to go. Of  paramount importance is the expansion of the existing power supply which at present is provided by a number of diesel generators, which are currently running at near full capacity. There is great need to expand the power supply and it is desired that it is achieved in such a way as to be environmentally sound and it is hoped that one day soon, the PHR will become the first nation on earth solely powered by renewable energy. This is not an easy task and is one that is proving to be quite a challenge but one which this government wishes to pursue and to get it right!


Those wishing to become Subjects of the PHR.


Having stated the position with regards the potential for relocation to the PHR as  not being possible at this time, it is however possible to become non-resident subjects and non-resident subjects will be in the best position for future immigration to this land when the next immigration opportunities are announced.

In order to apply to become non-resident subject of the PHR, an invitation to apply is required from this office.
To start the procedure of applying to become non-resident subject of the PHR, it is necessary for you to email  this office and state that you are seeking to apply to become non-resident subject of the Principality, a reply will then be sent to you along with a few simple questions for you to provide answers to. Upon being satisfied with the answers given to those questions, or following any further questions that may be needed for clarification, then an invitation may be extended to you to apply to become non-resident subject and at that stage you will be provided with all the information necessary to complete an application, including what you are required to provide along with the application form and what fee's are involved to enable the application to be processed.
It should be noted that we of course do not accept emailed applications or the return of any forms etc by email.
We require the original, signed & witnessed application forms and all required accompaniments etc. returned via the postal or courier system in order for the application to commence being  processed.


Matters concerning becoming non-resident subjects can only be dealt with direct with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Diplomatic Representatives are not equipped to assist in such matters.


  For those wishing to enter/live in
the Commonwealth of Australia.

This is the Principality of Hutt River and NOT the Commonwealth of Australia.

There is no agreement between the Australian and PHR Governments that allows for subjects of the PHR to enter or reside in Australia other than by going through the normal Australian channels necessary to qualify an individual the right to do so, or to obtain a visa of whatever form to enter or stay in Australia.
The PHR Government does not involve itself in any way whatsoever in assisting anyone to gain access or favour with the Australian Immigration Authorities and in fact the PHR Government supports the Australian Customs and Immigration service in the work that they do, which also greatly assists in the security of our own nation.
Subject status of the PHR will in NO WAY assist anyone in gaining entry to or residing in Australia, in many ways, at times, it may be found detrimental.


Principality Government

Postal Address:


Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Government Buildings,

Principality of Hutt River,

Via Western Australia 6535



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