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Australian Election 2010 Concerns
01st August 2010


In the interest of PHR Citizens who may be holding Dual Citizenship, including Australian Citizenship, and are residing in Australia, HRH Prince Leonard and the Government of the Principality of Hutt River are concerned about certain factors which relate to aspects of legality in the forthcoming Australian Election.

The concern arises from where Britain took British Citizenship off all the people of the British Empire (except Britain), including Australia, on 1st January 1949 and gave them Citizenship of the Commonwealth of Nations:

One important question that needs to be answered is "how many persons born in Australia who may be classified as “Aliens” are currently on the Australian Electoral Roll?"

This problem continues on from the matter of "Aliens" that HRH Prince Leonard raised back at the very beginning of 2007. Whilst he notes that the revised Australian Citizenship Act of 2007 accepts the loss of  Citizenship  prior to Jan 01 1949 it does state that many Australians who have lost citizenship under the 1948 Act, plus their children, are given access to Australian citizenship.  Note the word Access is used – not Granted. This "Access" was in fact there in the first place, it appears nothing has changed!

Australia in its Citizenship Act gave citizenship to all born in Australia from 26th January 1949. 

In a subsequent amendment to the Citizenship Act, believed to be in 1975, Australia ceased recognizing “Citizenship of the Commonwealth of Nations”. 

Hence, it would appear that all who are on the Australian Electoral Roll, having been born before 26th January 1949, may be classified as “Aliens’ since the abovementioned amendment, unless they have applied for and received Australian Citizenship. 

Whilst this indicates several million “Aliens” on the Australian Electoral Roll, action must be taken to ascertain the legality of any forthcoming Election of an Australian Parliament.

A second concern arises in association with this important matter said HRH Prince Leonard  in that a person needs to have “Australian Citizenship” to be in the Australian Parliament and the following people immediately come to mind in regard this question said Prince Leonard:

  1. The Governor-General of Australia, Her Excellency Quentin Bryce who was born in Queensland, Australia though prior to 1949.

  2. The Hon. Julia Gillard (present Prime Minister of Australia) who was born in Wales UK and therefore needs to have become an Australian Citizen and renounced her British Citizenship as dual citizenship is not allowed in such an Office.

  3. The Hon. Anthony (Tony) Abbott (Leader of the Opposition) in whom two matters of concern arise, one being that he was born in the UK, and the second being that though he is of "Australian" parents, they were born prior to 1949 thus leaving question as to their true citizenship and therefore the citizenship of the Hon. Tony Abbott!

It is very much desired by all concerned that these matters should be dealt with, and corrected where necessary, before an election is held. 

Surely an election should not be held whilst there are aspects of legality or eligibility not replied to or dealt with and corrected. 

These matters have been raised by HRH Prince Leonard by a letter of concern that he has written to the  Australian Electoral Commissioner, Mr Edward Killesteyn PSM and another to Hon Ms Julia Gillard in recent weeks, to date no replies have been received thus the matter continues to grow in level of concern.

HRH Prince Leonard
Principality of Hutt River
August 1st 2010




Letter to:
Hon. Ms, Julia Gillard
2nd July 2010


August 2010

Letter to:
Australian Electoral Commissioner
Mr Edward Killesteyn PSM

23rd July 2010


Read the follow-up released August 16,
following the reply to HRH's letter received from the
Australian Electoral Commission





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