Government of the

Principality of Hutt River 


Authorised issue by Order of
The Principality of Hutt River Royal Mint
Principality of Hutt River 2009



“Lest We Forget”
Currency Coin Re-Release



In 1948 Great Britain withdrew Citizenship from Australians;
they were then “British Subjects” or
“Commonwealth Citizens” without Citizenship!

26th January 1949 Australia's Citizenship Act gave Citizenship to all born in
Australia after 26th January 1949.

In 1973 Australia's Citizenship Act deleted recognition of
“British Subjects without Citizenship”.

Unless persons born in Australia before 26th January 1949 are naturalized,
they are by Law


 Technical Specifications:
Base Metal: Zinc Alloy    Nickel Plated
Milled Edge    Diameter: 35 mm
Thickness: 3 mm    WEIGHT: 16 gms.
Face Value: $5.00

 This very popular and sold out coin issue was re-released as a further in circulation currency coin only.


ONLY 2000 2009 COINS PRODUCED!!!!!

      Price excludes post and packaging.


Read what the
Australasian Coin & Banknote Magazine says about the
Original "LWF" release.

October Edition!


Royal Mint Order Form! .PDF
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Appointed U.S.A. Principality coin dealer!

Oded Paz
P.O.Box 0534
Castaic, CA 91310-0534
Phone: 661-803-0009   

Respected Australian Coin Dealer


Appointed Australian Principality coin dealer!

International Numismatics
PO Box 14567
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Phone local: (03) 9326 6988  Fax: (03) 9326 6744
Phone International: +61 3 9326 6988  Fax: +61 3 9326 6744




   The story behind the coin design!
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Royal Mint Order Form! .PDF
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