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Authorised issue by Order of
The Principality of Hutt River Royal Mint
Principality of Hutt River 2013


“Celebration Of Life”
Coin Issue 28/09/2013



Celebration Of Life” Commemorative

Celebrating the life of:

Dame of the Rose of Sharon.
Kentucky Colonel.
Patron & Chair of the: Board of Directors - Red Cross of Hutt.
Patron & Colonel in Chief of the:
Royal Hutt River Legion.  

19/07/1928 — 09/07/2013

This coin  is the first PHR coin ever issued with flat sides and has been released as part of the “Celebration of Life” events designed to celebrate and remember
the Matriarch of the Casley family, Princess Shirley, who stood by the side of her husband Prince Leonard, through more than 66 years of marriage, raising 7 children who between them have produced 22 Grand Children and more than 30 Great Grand Children.


Princess Shirley Final Farewell Eulogy Eulogy.PDF Memorial Wall



Technical Specifications:

Base Metal: Brass

Gold plate on top of Silver plate
9 Sided

Diameter: 35 mm

Thickness: 2.5 mm

WEIGHT: 17.6 gms
Face Value: $10.00


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Design by:
Lord Steven G.P. Baikie KGCRO, ADC
Artwork by:
Lord David P. Burkart, KGSRO, PHR Earl Marshal

Designs (c) Principality of Hutt River 2013



This special Commemorative $10.00 Coin is available to collectors in two formats:

1.  Provided inside an approved coin capsule. (Retail - Presented in a red velvet, golden lined draw-string bag).
2.  A special collector edition as with the above but presented in a plush,
silk lined dark blue velvet presentation case with metallic gold print inside the lid.

Each coin accompanied by a double sided information card,
each card selectively printed in metallic gold print.
Only ever to be these 2000 coins issued, (1000 only of them in a presentation case)

This commemorative coin is priced at:

$15.00 +P&H — Capsulated Issue only
$25.00 +P&H  — Special Collector Issue

Price excludes post and packaging charge.


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Author: Dr Sir Kerry Rodgers
November 2013 Issue
(Published courtesy of CAB)




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