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The Royal Hutt River Postal Service was established to provide the necessary service of mail delivery and dispatch within the Principality and was one of the earliest government services established following secession.

As detailed in the transcript of the court findings below, mail has been serviced by the Principality's Post Office since it's inception and the Post Office operates under the authority of the Royal Hutt River Postal Service.

HRH Prince Ian
Minister for Postal Services.




























    All mail posted within the Principality carries the Principality's Postage Stamps and Postmark, whilst all incoming mail is delivered without hindrance by the Royal Hutt River Postal Service.

The first Hutt River Postage Stamps issued being the "Wildflowers" issue on 15/11/1973 with new issues regularly being introduced through to the present day.

To date, around 60 different sets of Postage Stamps, totaling more than 220 individual Stamps have been issued and all are well sought after by collectors world-wide.

Whilst many early issues have long been withdrawn from Service the Hutt River Historical Society does have some limited stocks of the earlier issues still available.
 Please email PHR-OnLine and request availability of any of the early issues that you may be seeking and they will advise as to what they have available to them and price etc, this is also the case for incomplete sets in case only individual stamps are needed from those early issues.

"In service" issues may of course be obtained, at face value, (whilst stocks last) via The Royal Hutt River Postal Service, Philatelic Department and purchased via the PHR On-Line service, where information on availability, prices and order information can be obtained.

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The Catalogue Link below will lead you to a detailed list of all issues of Hutt River Postage Stamps from that first issue of 1973 through to the current day.
This on-line catalogue is the most comprehensive and accurate catalogue of HRP/PHR postage stamps available and is constantly being updated, particularly with historical stamp information concerning earlier issues.
We have tried to add interesting information, including background information to this catalogue so that collectors can gain as much knowledge as possible about our releases.
We are happy to hear from collectors who may have additional material or information concerning our stamp issues that we may be able to add to this catalogue of information, please email us if you have something to share with other collectors concerning our issues.


Royal Hutt  River
Postal Service

New PHR Stamp Release
48th Anniversary of Secession

ISSUED 21st April 2019
- - - - - Commemorative set of 4  stamps issued April 21 2019- - - - -AVAILABLE NOW!- - - - 


Royal Hutt River
Postal Service

New PHR Stamp Release


ISSUED 21st April 2019
- - - - - Commemorative stamp issued April 21 2019- - - - -AVAILABLE NOW!- - - - 





























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