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Registrars address:


Office of the Registrar of Companies & Banks.

Companies House

Principality of Hutt River,

Via Western Australia 6535





Office of the Registrar of Companies & Banks




For all Company Registration enquiries contact the Office of the Registrar of Companies and Banks at the Principality by e-mail  

Please note that this Principality has no "Registered Agents" or other "Company or Registrar representation" whatsoever, outside of this:
Office of the Registrar of Companies and Banks.

Re:  'Office of Registrar of Companies and Banks'
Principality of Hutt River


Refer ALL ENQUIRIES directly to the Principality for attention.

The Principality of Hutt River, by order of His Royal Highness, Prince Leonard passed into law the International Business Companies Act on 29th August 2004 (this Act revised in January 2009) International Business Companies are generally referred to around the world as IBC’s.  .

In framing the legislation care was taken to keep administrative costs of IBC’s at an absolute minimum while at the same time giving maximum flexibility. Judge for yourself if this has been achieved!



Government Notice of

False Claims

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The International Principle on Laws in respect of a secession has been followed by Principality of Hutt River: "All Criminal Laws which existed before secession continue to exist, under the new Administration, and all Administrative Laws cease and must be legislated".

PHR Legislated adoption of all Laws which previously existed, being the laws of Western Australia except for those repugnant to the new Administration. The International Business Companies Act and the International Banking Act are examples of some of the new laws since enacted that differ from the current laws of Western Australia.

Some of the features of the International Business Companies Act are:

Company Status:

International Business Company


Choice of: Limited by Shares or Limited by Shares & Guarantee.
Note: No Bearer Shares permitted.

Company ending in:

Limited, Ltd, Corporation, Corp, Incorporated, Inc, Pty Ltd, Sendirian Berhad, Sdn Bhd, Societe a Responsabilite Limitee, SARL,  Besloten Vennootschap, B.V., or Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung, GmbH, and others upon application to the Office of the Registrar of Companies & Banks



Memorandum & Articles:


Name Check On-line name check carried out, original application allows for three (3) names to be chosen in order of preference. Registrar's Office will return and advise should all three be unacceptable, to allow further choices to be made.

Time to Incorporate:

Approx 2 weeks, dependant upon quality & accuracy of application data.


Any currency, any amount as set by Directors Resolution

Share restrictions:

Varies between company type

Minimum number of shareholders:

One (no public record). Illegal to reveal without Court Order

Minimum number of Directors:

One (no public record) Protected by Legislation

Directors qualification:

Personal or Corporate, local or overseas



Registered Office:

Required within the Principality, we can arrange

Registered Agent:

Required within the Principality, we can arrange

Public Information:

Company name and current Standing only

Documents at Registered Office:

Statutory Registers

Accounting requirements:

Accounts are not filed. Company must maintain records somewhere. Not available for inspection. May simply be bank statements

Annual Return:


Government fees:

Click here!

Where are meetings held:

Anywhere and by any means, either inside or outside PHR 

Exchange controls:


Double taxation treaties:


Exchange of information:



Euro 100.00 Annual Company Tax as per the Principality Tax Act of 2005

Special notes:

Special notes:

  • The Incorporator does not have to appoint Directors, or issue shares until the client gives instructions.
  • The Registrar of Companies is authorized to issue Licenses for a number of activities upon application.
  • Minimal maintenance costs make an IBC registered in the Principality particularly attractive.
  • All applicants are required to produce a Certified Copy of a Government issued photo ID and a utility bill or similar to prove true identity and residency. These must be held under strict security by the Registered Agent.
  • Residents of the Principality of Hutt River and also the Commonwealth of Australia, are not allowed to have any interest or control over an IBC, or do business through an IBC in either country.

Application Forms/Downloads

Principality International Business Companies Act  Act No 3 of 2009


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