Final Quarter Report
October - December 2010:

Chief Commissioner Metcalfe reports:...............

Since my last report  we have gained another 4 members (2 in Canada and 2 in England).
See photos below.


bullet  We continue to assist with the "coffee morning" which is held in Ridgedale Monday - Saturday every week in the "Seniors Centre" thus giving locals the opportunity to meet in mutual fellowship with one another and on 31 occasions this last quarter, the troop ran this event.
bulletOn 12 occasions we helped run the bingo sessions so essential in raising funds required to maintain the Seniors Hall in Ridgedale.
bulletOn 8 occasions during this quarter we helped sort items delivered to the Salvation Army charity store in the town of Tisdale.  Proceeds raised once again were for local charities.
bulletThe Food Bank. - 5 times the troop ran the Tisdale Food Bank Distribution Centre.
bulletOn 14 occasions the troop collected food contributions from various stores in Tisdale and delivered them to the Food Distribution Centre for allocation.
bulletEmergency Food Hampers were issued to people in dire need of help on 2 occasions.
bulletMedical Car.  6 times local residents were transported for medical appointments to and from the city of  Saskatoon and the town of Nipawin.
bulletFood catering duties carried out 13 times for Ridgedale Pot Luck Suppers, Ratner Lutheran Church, Cancer Awareness Day, Nipawin Sellathon Day, Ratner Fall Supper, Ridgedale Fall Supper, Ridgedale Fun Day and the Ridgedale Christmas Party.
bullet25 volunteer duties were carried out at the Newmarket Nursing Home in Tisdale.
bulletOne of our members who has musical talent goes round various Seniors Centres and Care Homes in the area entertaining the residents and on 7 occasions he with 4 friends carried out "Entertaining Duties" - free of charge of course.
bulletHelping Hands. - Door Guard at Nipawin Sellathon Day.  Helping various residents pump water out of their flooded basements due to excessive rainfall and the high water tables.
bulletRemembrance Day Service (11th November) - Members were present at this annual service and we presented a wreath in memory of those who had given their all so that we might be free.
(See photos below).
bulletOn 7 occasions the troop "manned" the Salvation Army "kettles" in Tisdale Co-op helping collect money to purchase items for Christmas Hampers (food and toys) for the less fortunate in the community. (See photo's below).

Our last troop meeting prior to Christmas was followed by a Christmas dinner served with all the trimmings!! (See photo's below).

We look forward to continuing our volunteer duties in 2011.

God Guard Thee and All Who Serve.
             Sir G. B. Metcalfe KCIOM., AMM.
            Chief Commissioner.


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10 Public Duties Award

Annabelle receiving her 10 Public Duties Badge

Elmer receiving his
10 Public Duties Badge
Theresa receiving her
10 & 30 Public Duties Badges

30 Public Duties Award



Group shot.

Membership presentation to
Joyce Wilson.
Group shot.


Remembrance Day - November 11 2009 On 7 occasions the troop "manned" the Salvation Army "kettles" in Tisdale Co-op Newest recruit
Bert Hilliar


Overnight it snowed and Barry has some jobs to do!



Legion of Frontiersmen Independent Command, CANADA
Troop Christmas 2010!



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