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It is the intention of the RCAR to promote fellowship of likeminded individuals and encourage further rational discourse and study into those areas of the “Pure Physics of Creation”, for which the RCAR is a world leader.
Any degree or certificate issued by the RCAR will therefore be seen as of the highest degree of attainment available in this field of study.

Membership of the RCAR is easy, simply complete the application form (link below) on your computer, print-out, sign and post to us along with the membership fee of PHR/AU$50.00 to the RCAR.
It is also possible to join via email and you may also contact our department PHR-OnLine for payment options. If wishing to join from overseas you must contact PHR-OnLine before making payment as payment options are limited. Any further enquiries should be directed to the College, email link below.

Upon appointment as a MEMBER a Photo ID Card will be issued to confirm Member Status of the RCAR, along with a CDROM Study Pack entitled “The Reality of ‘God’”. This research file includes a compilation of some of the major writings of HRH Prince Leonard completed over a period of some 39 years, commencing with “The Golden Lesson” written in 1982. 

Members will be entitled to submit and communicate on matters pertaining and relevant to the studies of the RCAR and to share knowledge by way of published articles or papers etc that are deemed worthy of publication by the Publishing arm of the RCAR. Publications will primarily be made in the RCAR sections of the PHR website though deserving matters may be looked at for further methods of publications as decided by the Faculty of the RCAR and is entirely the decision of the academic board appointed by the RCAR.

Submissions are given with full publishing rights to the Royal College of Advanced Research which may then publish and make available for students and scholars to study and further expand upon.

The latest research by the RCAR is in the area of gematria and Natures Sprit Code where brand new discoveries have been made by the college.

HRH Prince Graeme

Duke of Gilboa.

Grand Master of the Order of Wisdom & Learning

Chancellor, Royal College of Advanced Research




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