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The Reality of “God”.


This research file includes a compilation of some of the major writings of HRH Prince Leonard completed over a period of some 39 years, commencing with “The Golden Lesson” written in 1982. 

It was reported that a Monk who received a copy of “The Golden Lesson” did nothing for a month, other than to study it. 

One of the senior Muslims in France asked the representative of the Principality upon reading “The Golden Lesson” “How does Prince Leonard know so much about our religion?”

However this book was only the beginning by HRH Prince Leonard, from where he purposely undertook to do research to prove whether the Spiritual was “Real” or “Not”.

For many years in his writings he was probing to wrest the truth or that which is, the truth of nature.

Pope John Paul II in 1998 issued HRH Prince Leonard with a Papal Blessing for his works in "The Spiritual":

In his various writings one may see his constant accumulation of information, in order to understand that which he was researching.  To know the subject matter in all its various mannerisms of relation to the living.  To touch on existing concepts, without incorporating Religious Doctrines.

The various books & publications which are included in this file are to assist and enlighten one in their research and are provided by way of .PDF files on a CDROM, free to all who register as Research Associates in this project.
They are titled (in order of publishing)

The Golden Lesson, The White Pyramid, Gateway, Reality of Nature's Revelations, Academic Revelations (A booklet by HRH Prince Leonard published as his "Birthday Gift to Mankind"), The Science of Creation and Spiritual and his latest Academic Paper "The Reality of "God"".

The field of “Intellectual Research”, was banned by President Bush, even though some universities in America pleaded for permission to do such research.

In the Middle Ages the books of academics were burned.

Such treatment of academics and their writings are not only confined to present day attitudes, which even starts for the general public who consider anyone who tries to change their concept of what is, must be destroyed.  In 212 BC Qin Shihuang (259-206BC) of China, ordered the mass burning of books and the execution of 460 scholars.

It takes strong persons to enter into the depths of fields of knowledge which can change the concepts of all nations of this planet.

There are however such people who in their research, will not falsify their results to conform to fanciful concepts which are untrue.

Truth is a line by which progression is achieved.  The efforts to find the truth are only equal to the efforts needed thence to teach others.

May all those who do attempt such research find firstly their personal satisfaction of achievement.

Then may they find others to share in their satisfaction, which will lend to a verification of all natures.

HRH Prince Leonard
  Founder & Trustee

28th December 2010




"The Origin of Life"

Short .PDF paper by HRH Prince Leonard
an accompaniment to "The Reality of 'God'"
(Published March 2011)



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