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The Reality of “God”.



In 1994, the 'Royal College of Advanced Research' was formed by HRH Prince Leonard in order to bring people together to continue his extensive research in the Sciences of the Spiritual Physics. 

Six of Australia’s top scientists are knights of the Principality of Hutt River.  In this area of specialized research in the Sciences of the Spiritual Physics the RCAR has claims to being the world’s leading authority in such fields. 

Resolvement of some maths, which many philosophers and mathematicians have been trying to do for thousands of years, have been achieved by HRH Prince Leonard.  The research is of course an ongoing matter and continually new materials are being found. The initial commencement in this field was an extension of HRH Prince Leonard’s research in the field of Gravity and goes back to the 1970's. 


Today HRH Prince Leonard invites students and academics to partake in such advancement of knowledge and receive their academics degrees as world leaders of such knowledge by the offering of a Research Project of the RCAR inviting registration for a Research Associateship resulting in the presentation of a thesis on the subject of The Reality of “God”. 

Successful Research Associates will receive an MA (Master of Arts) Degree or a PGCert.Res. (Post-Graduate Certificate in Research) for submissions at Merit level from the RCAR.  Each successful thesis will be published and made available for further expansion and advancement in this area of study.

Research File Study Pack:

A scientific paper entitled The Reality of “God”, published by the RCAR and authored by HRH Prince Leonard, Founder & Trustee of the RCAR, may be found available for free download below, or a printed copy may be provided at a cost of PHR/AU$10.00 (+ post) on request of the RCAR.(Also available by e-mailing PHR - On Line)
Further study material that may be of assistance has been selected from the previous RCAR publishing's in this area and is made available via the RCAR Publishing Arm. as a Research File to all registrants to this Research Project and it will be supplied by way of a CDROM containing .PDF files along with the other material. Additional information on the Research File Study Pack may be found by visiting here:

Registration Information:

Registration for the Research Project, which will be of 12 months duration from date of registration and registrations will be accepted up until June 30 2011. Registration may be effected by downloading and completing the application form (must be signed and witnessed) and forwarding to the college by either e-mail or postal mail along with a passport style photo and copy's of suitable identification documents (certified/witnessed) along with the registration fee of PHR/AU$250.00.
In return successful Associate will receive an RCAR Research Associate Photo ID card along with a Research Associate Certificate of registration and the Research Associateship will be deemed to have commenced.

HRH Prince Leonard
  Founder & Trustee

28th December 2010




RESEARCH PAPER   "The Reality of 'God'"  .PDF   CLICK HERE!

"The Origin of Life"

Short .PDF paper by HRH Prince Leonard
an accompaniment to "The Reality of 'God'"


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