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Investiture October 29th  2011


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October 29th 2011 saw approx 30 people seated in the Chapel of Nain to take part in or to witness the event of an Investiture of Awards.

HRH Prince Leonard was assisted in the proceedings by HRH Princess Shirley, Prince Graeme, Duke of Gilboa, Grand Master of the Order of Wisdom & Learning, and Sir Steven Baikie KGCRO., ADC. where honours were bestowed upon three recipients, one being a new bestowal, one being a final completion of formality concerning awards already received and the third being the completion of bestowal of recent awards announced, a total of four honours on three persons being involved.

Mr John Hodgkinson
First up saw Mr John Hodgkinson, retired Electronic Technician of Kingaroy Queensland, bestowed with the Rank of Officer in the Illustrious Order of Merit for his service to the Principality and its Sovereign. John always finds opportunities to promote the Principality on his travels around the country with his wife Gwyneth in their trusty caravan, where their active membership of a caravan and camping club sees them visit many places each year. This year saw them visit the Principality twice in a short period of time with the second visit of a week to see some rest time though John could not sit idle and instead spent much of his time assisting around the park area, helping make the place a more comfortable place to stay, his actions causing the Sovereign to see fit to recognise his efforts with the OIOM.

Sir Michael Barnes KSOL., CIOM.
Second to the front was Sir Michael Barnes KSOL., CIOM. company director of Willetton, Western Australia. Sir Michael was made a Commander in the Illustrious Order of Merit in the 37th Anniversary Honours list 21st April 2007 for services to the Sovereign and the Principality and his honesty and integrity in his business practises. He was elevated to the rank of Knight when HRH Prince Leonard bestowed the rank of Knight of the Serene Order of Leonard upon him as part of the 40th Anniversary Honours List 21st April 2010 once again for his ongoing service provided to the Sovereign and the Principality as well as his outstanding honesty in business. Sir Michael took this opportunity to visit the PHR for the first time this weekend in order to personally receive the full ceremony of being Dubbed by the Sovereign's Sword to add that final touch to his Knighthood for him and the opportunity even harder to refuse when his brother and sister-in law, recently retired to Malta from the UK were able to also travel up with him from Perth whilst enjoying a holiday with them.
Sir Michael's Knighthood announced here: KSOL:
40th Anniversary Honours List 21st April 2010

Dr Robert Ronald Hutchison OAM.
Finally we watched Dr Robert Ronald "Ron" Hutchison OAM step forward to receive both honours recently announced as being bestowed upon him in the Sovereign's 86th Birthday Honours List announced 27th August 2011. First kneeling on his right knee to be dubbed as Knight Grand Star of the Order of Wisdom & Learning, the highest Rank of that Order for
his contribution to the local community as the Northampton Medical Practitioner (GP) for over 35 years. During this time he invested much of his time working with medical students, teaching the future generation of rural medicine practitioners. Following this bestowal quite a lengthy listing of Sir Ron's achievements in Medicine for both the local community and humanity in general was read out, information that truly showed just what a remarkable man Sir Ron indeed is and no better could be found deserving of receiving the very first ever bestowal of the highest award that this land has to offer, the Grand Cross of Hutt, the Inaugural Grand Cross of Hutt, bestowed for the first time in the 41+ year history of the Principality upon Dr. Sir Ron .
 Dr. Sir Robert Ronald Hutchison GCH., KGSOWL., OAM

Much more of the deserving story regarding the bestowal of awards on Dr. Sir Ron may be read here:
 Sovereigns 86th Birthday Honours List 27th August 2011

Following the ceremonies in the Chapel of Nain a photo opportunity was given with all recipients taking part, this was followed by a light luncheon for all those involved in the Awards put on in the Principality Golf Club-House/Tea-Rooms with the Sovereign and his wife Princess Shirley.
Other members of the Royal family in attendence at the luncheon were:
Prince Graeme, Duke of Gilboa; Princess Sherryl, Duchess of Hutt; Lady Lynette, Duchess of Carmel.
Others attending included Inspector General Sir Steven Baikie KGCRO, ADC., DSF and Dame Christina Baikie DCSOL;
Dr. Sir Robert Ronald Hutchison GCH., KGSOWL., OAM. and Lady Sheila Hutchison, Sir Michael Barnes KSOL., CIOM and Lady Valerie Barnes; Mr John Hodgkinson OIOM and Mrs Gwyneth Hodgkinson; Mr John & Mrs Frances Barnes; Ms Hayley Baikie; Mr. James Baikie; Ms. Deborah Baikie.

Photo's of the occasion
(Click thumbnails below for larger view)


HRH Prince Leonard &
Sir Steve
HRH Prince Leonard &
Prince Graeme
John Hodgkinson
receives his award.
Sir Michael Barnes dubbed Knight of Serene Order of Leonard. Announcing and ready to receive Dr Ron to bestow Knighthood HRH Prince Leonard dubs Dr Sir Ron Hutchison KGSOWL
Dr Sir Ron listens to his introduction and then receives the inaugural Grand Cross of Hutt from
HRH Prince Leonard
Left: Prince Graeme, Duke of Gilboa
Grand Master of the Order of Wisdom & Learning.
Center: HRH Prince Leonard
Right: HRH Princess Shirley
Left: Prince Graeme, Duke of Gilboa
Grand Master of the Order of Wisdom & Learning.

Center: Dr Sir Ron Hutchison
Right: HRH Prince Leonard


Prince Graeme,
Dr Sir Ron Hutchison,
HRH Prince Leonard,
Lady Sheila Hutchison,
HRH Princess Shirley.
Prince Graeme,
Sir Michael Barnes,
HRH Prince Leonard,
Lady Valerie Barnes,
HRH Princess Shirley.
Prince Graeme,
John Hodgkinson
OIOM, HRH Prince Leonard, Mrs. Gwyneth Hodgkinson,
HRH Princess Shirley.


Prince Graeme,
Mr. John Barnes,
HRH Prince Leonard, Mrs. Frances Barnes, HRH Princess Shirley.


Prince Graeme, Sir Steven Baikie,
HRH Prince Leonard, HRH Princess Shirley.


Light Luncheon following the Investiture held in the Royal Hutt River Golf Club-House/Tea Rooms
Sir Michael Barnes,
Lady Sheila Hutchison,
Dr. Sir Ron Hutchison
Gwyneth Hodgkinson, Mr. John Barnes,
Lady Valerie Barnes, Mrs. Frances Barnes.


Mr. John Hodgkinson  &
Mrs. Gwyneth Hodgkinson,
  Dame Christina Baikie,
James Baikie, Deborah Baikie
  HRH Prince Leonard   L-R
Mr. James Baikie,
Dame Chris Baikie,
Duchess Lynette,
Duchess of Carmel & Princess Sherryl, Duchess of Hutt

(Click thumbnails above for larger view)



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