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H.R.H. Prince Leonard, Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Hutt River Army is pleased to announce that members of the Royal Artillery, Royal Hutt River Army were ready, able and willing to immediately lend assistance to the relief effort for victims of Hurricane Katrina, one of the deadliest and costliest storms to ever hit North America.

n a recent Press release from the U.S.A. it was announced that Major William B. Speir, Jr., Chief of the Royal Artillery and Adjutant of the First North American Royal Guards, Royal Hutt River Army, reached out to the Office of the Adjutant General of the Connecticut 1st Governor's Foot Guards (U.S. Army National Guard) to see how the RHRA could participate and assist in the relief efforts.
"All of the items being donated from across the State were being taken to the Foot Guard Armoury in Hartford for processing, sorting, boxing and shipping." Major Speir learned when he talked to Armoury personnel.
"The Armoury was in desperate need of volunteers to help get the donations organised and ready to ship to the victims of Katrina in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana. They were grateful for our assistance" Major Speir stated.

Major Speir led the relief effort, organising RHRA Personnel and Volunteers from the local business community to help and with the assistance of his own family then "rolled up his sleeves" along with the others and pitched in wherever the Armoury personnel needed them.

When asked why the RHRA got involved in this effort, Major Speir commented:
"Participating in humanitarian activities is part of the core mission of the 1st North American Royal Guards and the 1st Regiment Royal Artillery. We are always looking for ways we can provide practical assistance and help build closer relations with local communities on behalf of H.R.H. Prince Leonard and the Principality of Hutt River Province. And, when a natural disaster of this magnitude occurs in our own backyard, how can we not rise to the call and lend our support?"

The Royal Hutt River Army is a Ceremonial Military Organisation that protects the Sovereign and participates in ceremonial, educational and humanitarian activities world wide.
Only this year, 2005, did H.R.H. Prince Leonard authorize the creation of The Royal Artillery as part of the Royal Hutt River Army.
The First Regiment was Commissioned "The 1st Regiment Royal Artillery" on the 6th of June 2005 as a part of the 1st North American Royal Guards.
The Royal Artillery Home Station and Regimental Headquarters are located in the
United States of America.

It's Motto:
"Quo Fas et Gloria Ducunt"
(Whither Right and Glory Lead)

H.R.H. Prince Leonard, Commander in Chief Royal Hutt River Army, would like to take this opportunity to thank Major Speir, his family, members of the 1st Regiment Royal Artillery, The 1st North American Royal Guards and all other volunteers who took part in assisting this relief effort and points out that the Regiment has served it's Motto and it's Sovereign proudly!



"My Best Wishes are extended to all those who have suffered this devastating natural disaster and wish the recovery efforts well"





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