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Princess Shirley's Sacred, Educational Shrine:
'Gateway to Natures Spirit World'

One of the highlights of the 45th anniversary celebrations will be the opening of a new building.

This building is to be named:
"Princess Shirley's Sacred Educational Shrine - Gateway to Natures Spirit World"
in honour of the late HRH Princess Shirley.

This building will serve a number of purposes including:

  1.  A salute to the late Sir Martin Louey who was a long-time Diplomatic Representative of the PHR and a long time friend of HRH Prince Leonard. Sir Martin always wanted the Principality to erect a Chinese Cultural Centre as he had done in founding the Chinese Cultural Centre in Melbourne, Australia.
    In Honour of Sir Martin, the small building at the entrance to Princess Shirley’s Sacred Educational Shrine will have a Chinese character, life size Chinese Warriors and Chinese lions at the entrance.
    The Chinese were in ancient times some of the most advanced academics.
    Sir Martin Louey was a great friend, one never to be forgotten thus he is Honoured here in the entranceway to the "Gateway to Nature's Window".
  2. There will also be a great deal of information on religion and pure physics for everyone’s sphere of interest.
    You will find the identical “Nature’s Spirit Codes” of both “Jesus” and “Muhammad”, as well as the Spirit Codes for “Jerusalem” and the “Kaaba’ which was taken from Jerusalem. Hence you will also see that “Nature’s Spirit Code” for the “Kaaba” is reversed to that of “Jerusalem”.
    The equations for the universe at rest and the universe then “Creating” are also to be found within this Shrine.
    A great number of small statues of animals and birds all with their “Nature’s Spirit Codes” will also be there for all to see.
    Realists may find this very informative.
  3. Within this Shrine will also be found, “The Stone of Light”, which has a new mineral inclusion.
    This stone has great historical factors in relation to when the Sons took it from its place in the Capricorn Ranges.
    Learn more about the "Stone of Light" here;


"Princess Shirley's Sacred Educational Shrine - Gateway to Natures Spirit World"
From: Preparation to completion!
Mid October 2014
'Preparing the site'
Above can be seen the site works being carried out by HRH Prince Richard


Late October 2014
'Cement slab formwork laid'
Above can be seen the completed ground work with formwork ready for cement pour.


Early November 2014
'Cement slab poured'
Above can be seen the completed cement pad ready for main construction to commence


Early December 2014
'Construction begins'
Above can be seen HRH Prince Richard assisting artisans in laying the stone blocks in place for the walls of the construction.


Early January 2015
'Main walls almost complete'


Early March 2015
'Main walls complete & roof on'


Early April 2015
'Fixtures & Fittings into place'
Photo's above show the interior of the Shrine coming together.

(Click thumbnails above for larger photo views)

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