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2016 IPSC Level II Competition
Orange Grove, W.A.
(10th & 11th of October 2016)


RESULTS: 2015 IPSC Level II Competition

Another excellent shoot by the Royal Hutt River Eagles competing in the October 2015 Level II IPSC competition over the past weekend.

Some great scores were attained by a high standard of performance by all three members of the Perth RHR Eagles Squad over the competition, and the results of hard work, practise and determination can be seen in the final results:



        RHR Eagles Competition Result's        
        Chris Savill - Achieved 1st place in Standard Division        
        Ed Hart - Achieved 1st place in A grade and 2nd place in Standard Division        
        Angela Hart - Achieved top female in Standard Division and 5th place overall        
Another excellent result and HRH Prince Leonard congratulates the squad in their efforts to achieve such a result once again.





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