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Authorised issue by Order of
The Principality of Hutt River Royal Mint
Principality of Hutt River 2018



       "Sovereign's Arms"
Coin Issue 01/10/2018
(Poor quality photo
due to coins shine)
(Poor quality photo
due to coins shine)


Art from mint)
Art above from mint. Obverse
(Art from mint)
      Coin "Postcard" (F)
HRH Prince Graeme
  Coin "Postcard" (R)
Information & coin specs,

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Each coin accompanied by a "Postcard" style information card,
Coin is in an acrylic coin capsule and supplied in a metallic silver "drawstring" cloth pouch which all helps  to making this coin a great gift for that collector you know.

Only ever to be these 1,000 coins issued.

This coin is priced at:

PHR/AU $15.00 +P&H Capsulated with bag & postcard.
Price excludes post and packaging charge.



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Design by:
 Lord Steven G.P. Baikie, Earl of Tankerness, ADC.

Artwork by:
Lord David P. Burkart, Earl of Stratford, Earl Marshal.

Designs (c) Principality of Hutt River 2018



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