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Princess Shirley's Sacred Educational Shrine

'The Gateway to Nature's Spirit World'
(Paperback ISBN:978-0-9806205-7-3)

    This illustrated 85 page paperback book was released April 21st 2015 in conjunction with the 45th Anniversary of Secession and the opening of:
"Princess Shirley's Sacred Educational Shrine" located here in Nain.

Forward to the book by HRH Prince Graeme, Chancellor of the PHR Royal College of Advanced Research:

Once in a generation, or; perhaps a lifetime, 100, 200, or even 500 years, a person comes along whereby their different thinking enables mankind’s knowledge and understandings to make a leap forward. The Royal College of Advanced Research has been involved in research of the pure basic energy of nature for many years, and that has involved great perspective concepts that reach into the area of energy fields which many mathematicians, physicists and philosophers failed to achieve;
including Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and many others.

I feel that the resolutions herein provide a great step forward for mankind, providing that, the initiative to learn and attain unity of knowledge can be achieved by and between
those of mankind.

In the 1960’s Prince Leonard (Leonard George Casley as he was then known) received many high commendations for his research on pure basic physics.
This research has continued, excluding a short break to research law, by Prince Leonard up to the present day.

This research, involving its relation to that of spiritual, was the result when Prince Leonard was requested to write about the Numbers in the book of Revelations. He had, at the time, been resting from research on pure physics and dealing with Law research and addressing Law faculties at various Australian universities.
He elected then to include the fields of Spiritual in his research of pure physics. This research took him to the foundations of nature.

The three constants found in nature and the building blocks from which all is evolved. Even to the beginning of the Universe.

The then Cardinal Archbishop Major, Patriarch of Kiev and Halych and of all the Ukraine, Josyf Slipyj, (see Fig 3, page 10) who was bestowed with a Principality of Hutt River Knighthood in the Serene Order of Leonard, invited Prince Leonard to the Vatican to participate in functions of some hundreds of clergy and bishops there. The Vatican asked for copies of the research papers to be left with their own research department to investigate the bigger quest to understand nature and spiritual concepts.

Prince Leonard also visited some senior personnel in the Middle-East and discussed some of their problems. His desire was and he was encouraged by these persons, to help seek a resolve to these issues. Through knowledge he would like to see a desire and understanding of unity to develop from such, for the belief that knowledge can lead to understanding and unity to a degree. There have been severe pressures, creating research time losses, which however failed to stop this research. Prince Leonard had taken up the challenges and has devoted much of his life in the pursuit of a deeper understanding of life for all.

There can be no doubt that this is the beginning of a sphere of new knowledge and understanding by mankind of nature and spiritual.                         


(Fig 01)  This honour for such a philatelic issue as shown here, approved

          without request, is the only one in history for any person to be on a

   stamp with the Pope and Patriarch, very unusual.
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I was very pleased to receive from the Royal College of Advanced Research my own Royal Certificate of Spirit Energy with my own “Spiritual Code” thereon.  No organization on this planet can otherwise do this today – such is the advancement therein. (See Fig 02 Page 9)


For this, I compliment Prince Leonard and those of the Royal College of Advanced Research, including those who were involved but have now departed.  This is a great contribution to mankind’s knowledge, of which I and many others wish to thank them all for such a great step forward.



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