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This section of the PHR website was commenced in August 2010 in order to provide easier access to important news out of the Principality, for dissemination through media outlets and journalists. We have included the 2007 media release because it is relevant to the first release to be published in this section.

On this page can be found media releases of important information as generally detailed in other sections of the website such as the "NEWS" section.

Here however, the information facts can be obtained in simple .PDF form or
MS Word documents, to make it easier for media outlets to obtain and work with the information released.

Follow the links below for each release in order to obtain further information.


October 2013
-- Royal Invitation to attend the "Celebration of Life' held for the late Princess Shirley in the PHR
August 2013
-- Letter to Australia's Governor-General raising concerns as to the legality of the 2013Australian Federal Election
July 2013
-- Final Farewell to HRH Princess Shirley Joy Casley
May 2013 --
Letters to Australian Authorities concerning the questionable borrowing of funds by the CofA.
January 2013 --
Presentation of the Grand Cross of Hutt to Rabbi Dr. Shalom Coleman
August 2012 --
"Avram & Grand Duchy" heraldic public disclaimer issued by the RCH Earl Marshal
March 2012 --
Constitutional Challenge served on the Australian Parliament
October 2011 --
HRH Prince Leonard CHOGM Statement
May 2011 --
PHR features at the Sydney Film Festival
November 2010 --
Announcing inaugural race win by RHR Silvertails
October 2010  -- 
Announcing the PHR Road Cycling Team
August 2010 /02  -- 
Concerns about Australian Elections 02
August 2010 /01  --  Concerns about Australian Elections 01
August 2007  -- 
Treaty Statement


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